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Oscar is my Goal
Did you have any idea that 'YDAKH' is going to be such a great success?

Yes, I had the idea. I knew it as I always believed that good product sells best at any price.
Our Lahore based film industry after releasing each film blames the ticket price of Rs 55/- for its failure. I have on the contrary always opined that success of the film does not depend on the ticket price but on the quality of film itself. People would see a quality film even if the ticket price were raised to Rs 100/-. People opined that it is impossible to have moviegoers watch a movie on such a huge ticket price but I proved that it is possible.
What problems did you face in filming it?

I faced a lot of opposition during the last two years. People said that Jawed has gone mad. He does not know a bit about Digital Theatre System (DTS) and is going to film his movie using this system. They said a film of five-crore budget cannot run in Pakistan and that no moviegoer will pay Rs 100/- for a ticket. But I did not pay any heed to such statements and continued my work.
Can you explain the reason that kept you on the path you choose?

I just wanted to make such a movie, which was never made before. A film without any complaint about its sound or having remarks about the aesthetic sense of the director. The film producer Akbar Khan also had full agreement with me on all issues especially to make a unique movie, which should also be of an Indian quality movie.
What about Shehzad Gul's 'Chalo Ishq Larain' which claims to be a DTS sound movie? Was it a lie?

When I started 'YDAKH', there was no one who heard about DTS system, neither anyone heard about 'Chalo Ishq Larain'. Actually, Shehzad Gul came up with a bogus movie. I advertised it two and half years before that I am going to make 'YDAKH' on DTS sound. I refused to release this film in cinemas, which lacked DTS system. So, I released my movie in only eight cities of Pakistan. People at that time told me that I am taking a bad risk by doing so. One distributor offered me one crore rupees for selling this film to him after he saw two songs of the film on TV, but I refused and released it myself. This is a proof of my faith in God, which made me win despite the risks, I took.

Shehzad Gul completed his film in Dubai and after coming back to Pakistan planned to alter it to DTS sound. This is not the way to acquire DTS system. If you have to make a movie on DTS you have to do it right from the beginning. The songs have to be stereo recorded before their recording on 16 or 24 tracks. Shehzad recorded his songs on mono at Evernew Studios then acquired DTS facility from the studio where I was completing my work.

Actually, it was me who spotted this studio in the first place. Shehzad for reasons stated above could not succeed to have original DTS sound, but managed to complete his task and released his movie before 'YDAKH'. I once told Shehzad that you have claimed your movie as first DTS film, but I advertised 'YDAKH' as first original DTS film of Pakistan a long before.
How would you rate 'YDAKH' a different movie?

You can observe the aesthetic sense of the director in this film. Our movies are refuted for the dresses being worn by the heroines, which doesn't match their character. The movie shot in Islamabad is claiming to have been filmed in Spain. No heed is paid to continuity of the story, the songs contradict the characters, attitudes at times songs have no relevance with the story. I paid due thought to all these factors, giving a good move to cine-goers and that is how any film stands out different.
News appeared in a section of Press that you wanted to cast Shah Rukh Khan for the role given to Babar Ali. Is it true?

This is just a table story. Actually, I had thought of casting Nadeem for Babar's role.
Why did you release your movie in just two theatres of Karachi?

The reason for doing so is again that I wanted to release my film in those cinemas, which have DTS sound system. In Karachi, only Prince and Capri cinemas have DTS system. I released my film in Seroze Rawalpandi, Nagina cinema Faisalabad, Gulrotan and Alfalah.
You made 'Mushkil' on the issue of children kidnapping. Why didn't you continue making movies on such issues?

'Mushkil' was a beautiful movie but it failed at Box Office while at the same time 'Munda Bigri Jai' did good business. That is why I changed my track and made 'Chief Sahib' in only six months, which turned out a hit film. 'Mushkil' helped me in one way that it gave me the expertise of a director and I am using it now for my other ventures.
What response is coming out of the Lollywood?

They say I have not directed it. According to them its music score is by Anu Malik and an assistant of Subhash Ghai directs that it. If my music director Amjad Bobby and I are given a similarity to Subhash Ghai and Anu Malik then it is a great compliment for us. People don't recognize our performance, but I don't care as I made this film for masses and not for the industry.
Will you release this film outside Pakistan too?

Yes of course, as people in Pakistan patiently waited for it, so have the viewers in Dubai, London and Canada. The music score of the film has already hit the entire world wherever Urdu is understood, as all international channels have been showing songs of 'YDAKH'.
After this success, are producers approaching you to make a movie for them?

Yes, but I did not sign for any movie. Moneymaking is undoubtedly tempting, but it is a matter of principle too. I could make 50 movies in the budget of 'YDAKH', but then those movies would resemble the movies being made in Lahore. It is not my goal.
You mentioned your 'goal' moments earlier. What is it?

My goal is to receive 'OSCAR' upon commercial movies. If Shekhar Kapoor after making just three movies can have offer of work at Hollywood, why can't I.
Some people say that YDAKH's idea has been taken from a foreign movie?

I have always made movies of my own. None of my movies can be termed as stolen. If some one thinks otherwise, let him prove it.

As A Film Actor
Films that Javed Sheikh has acted in, since 2000. For a full list of films which Javed Sheikh has been involved with, He has done some really powerful roles in bollywood movies, he played Shahrukh's father in Om Shanti Om. He played a very strong role in Shikhar as well.
Jawed Sheikh’s most telling accomplishment are reflected in the six movies below, which earned him the Nigar Award:
Nigar Award for best actor in the film ‘Ghareboan ka Badshah’ in 1988.
Nigar Award for best actor in the film ‘Baarish’ in 1989.
Nigar Award for best actor in the film ‘Ustadoan ka ustaad’ in 1990.
As A Director
Films that Jawed Sheikh has directed.
Khule Aasman Ke Niche -(2008)
Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa - (2002)
Muhjy Jeenay Do - (1999)
Kahi Pyar Na Ho Jaye – (1998)
Yes Boss - (1997)
Chief Saheb - (1996)
Mushkil - (1995)
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